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Nabídka technologie - Nový dveřní vodotěsný systém, který poskytuje ochranu při povodních

Nabídka technologie - Nový dveřní vodotěsný systém, který poskytuje ochranu při povodních

A UK based inventor has developed a novel door that acts as a flood defence for properties that are located in flood prone areas. The door is also very energy efficient, is easy to fit and will be a more cost effective and practical solution than existing flood defence systems. The inventor has patented certain aspects of the design and is looking for partners from across Europe who wish to license the production of the door system.

The increasing unpredictability of weather has seen a dramatic rise in the number of flood events in recent years. In certain parts of the UK for example, flood events that were typically occurring every 100 years are now happening several times a decade. Property owners that are flooded often have to endure months of temporary accommodation and renovation works. Property owners are now taking matters into their own hands and fitting flood barriers over doors and openings in times of high water levels and rainfall.

The current systems on the market consist of a barrier plate that needs to be fitted in place before flooding occurs. This has the disadvantage that if the property owner is away or asleep, they may miss the window of opportunity to protect their prooerty. The systems are also costly and require trained fitters to install. They are also unsightly in appearance due to a permanent fixing that is installed onto the door surround.

This novel technology offers a new design of hinge for which a patent has been applied in UK. When combined with a metal door and a correctly installed door frame the design offers a waterproof solution to flood ingress which remains aesthetically acceptable.

Insurance companies now advising property owners to fit property defences as a condition of insurance.
Innovations and advantages of the offer
- The innovative and patented aspects of the door are based upon a unique hinge design along with a seal system derived from an industrial pump.
- The hinge and seal assembly is designed to be fitted to a standard door of suitable quality
-This door system replaces the existing door and hence protects the property 24 hours a day.
- The door does not need any special skills to install other than standard window / door installation skills.
- The door is designed to protect against complete submersion of the advancing floodwaters.
- The door provides excellent draft proofing and insulation levels.
- This flood defence product will be competitively priced when compared to other technology solutions
Current and Potential Domain of Application
Door and window manufacturers

(Ref: 13 GB 45P2 3RTW )

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