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If governments will not punish VW's shocking behaviour, consumers must

The company is mired in scandals of pollution and animal cruelty. Does it deserve to be rewarded with electric car sales?It is hard to think how Volkswagen could top a scandal involving it selling drivers 11 million cars that produced more pollution than advertised, harming human health and shamefully cheating regulators' tests in the process. But the past fortnight's mind-boggling revelations about research at the world's biggest carmaker have come close.First, it emerged the firm had taken the lead in a 2014 experiment on 10 macaque monkeys to test the health impact of exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gas produced by diesel cars. A VW Beetle, fitted with a cheat device of the sort the company used to game pollution checks during lab tests, pumped fumes into the monkeys' chambers as they watched cartoons. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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