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Washing up yourself is good for the soul | Letters

Readers Eric Banks, Clare Hay, Michael Robinson, and Frances Middleton discuss the environmental and spiritual pros and cons of dishwashersI have to take issue with Jo Steranka (How you can do your bit in the war against climate change, Letters, 18 October). Dishwashers are typically much more efficient than hand washing in terms of energy and water consumption. Research carried out by Christian Paul Richter (Usage of dishwashers: observation of consumer habits in the domestic environment, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 2011) on 200 households in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Britain, found that households with a dishwasher used on average 50% less water and 28% less energy per cleaned item than households that didn't own a dishwasher. Even so, a higher degree of sustainability was identified because 20% of dishwasher cycles were not fully utilised and 52% operated at a temperature that was higher than necessary.Furthermore, Jo Steranka states that "opinion pieces don't help if they don't offer practical solutions"; er, has she tried digging up a paved garden? Getting around a city (that isn't London) without a car? Not buying new clothes until the old ones wear out? Get real, Jo! (Although I do agree about buying local produce and turning off the lights at bedtime - are there people who don't?) Continue reading...
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