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Chris Packham: 'I don't look for conflict, but I won't shy away'

The naturalist, 58, talks about death threats, autism, miniature poodles, his partner's tigers and his failure as a conservationistMy earliest memories all relate to animals: tadpoles, ladybirds, lizards, my pet mouse. I can remember being about four, growing up in suburban Southampton, and being fascinated by the difference between me and them. I saw perfection in all of those individual organisms. Much later I realised that the greater beauty was the way that they live together in an interconnected ecosystem - the fact that it was functional, dynamic and sustainable.My relationship with dogs - I'm not afraid to say it - borders on a dependency. They are my autism-assistant animals. Their unconditional love, dynamism and exuberance has brought me so much joy. I've always had black miniature poodles. I called the previous two, Itchy and Scratchy. Now I've got Sid and Nancy. My joy grenades. Every time I took them out, I'd pull out the pin by releasing their lead. And sometimes I could just laugh or cry with happiness watching them run. Itchy, Scratchy and I were a very powerful triangular relationship. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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