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I lived the climate crisis every day of my childhood. This November, I'll vote on it | Jessica Díaz Vázquez

Chemical headaches, plant sirens - these were the constant background to my home and school life. My community is on the climate frontlineMy teacher first taught me about global warming in the third grade. She explained how an increase in greenhouse gases increased the amount of heat that could be trapped in our atmosphere. We discussed how climate change is melting the ice caps polar bears call home, leading to their extinction. We didn't discuss how the climate crisis was already at our homes.I grew up with the smell of freshly made salsa from chiles picked from our backyard garden, the bright colors of fruit gifted to us by neighbors, and the sound of off-key singing to Joan Sebastian and Selena Quintanilla. At school, my friends and I slipped between English and Spanish, moving between the topics of our English essay to la quinceanera de nuestra mejor amiga with ease. But looming over my vibrant community was, and is, the fossil fuel industry. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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