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Why is the Science Museum still being contaminated by Shell's dirty money? | George Monbiot

It is extraordinary that the museum is receiving funding from a fossil fuel giant for an exhibition on, of all things, the climateTaking money from fossil fuel companies today is like taking money from tobacco firms in the 1990s. The damage public institutions inflict on themselves by receiving this sponsorship exceeds any benefits. Just as their hands were once stained with nicotine, now they are stained with oil. The tobacco experience suggests that it can take many years to expunge these damn'd spots and restore their reputations.This is the position in which the Science Museum now finds itself. It appears to have learned nothing from the reputational harm it caused itself by accepting money from the oil companies BP and Equinor. Last week it revealed that Shell was funding - wait for it - its new exhibition on climate breakdown. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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