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Super teens: Raducanu and five other young people reaching career heights

The 18-year-old's US open victory puts her among a super-successful group of under-20s Emma Raducanu's remarkable victory in the US Open was, among other things, a victory for the fearlessness of youth. The Guardian has picked out six teenagers, including Raducanu, who despite their tender years have already had a huge impact.Emma Raducanu - By now everyone knows the story of how Raducanu, aged just 18, became the first qualifier to win one of the four tennis grand slams. Just three months ago she was waiting for her A-level results. She is now tipped to be Britain's first billion-dollar sport star after winning 10 straight matches without dropping a set, becoming the first British woman to win a grand slam since Virginia Wade at Wimbledon in 1977. It was just her second grand slam main draw appearance and no woman in the Open era had ever won in so few attempts. She is the youngest grand slam champion since Maria Sharapova in 2004 and remarkably Raducanu has yet to win a match at a Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tour event - the circuit which is the bread and butter of elite players but does not include the four slams. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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