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Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

12. Blobfish

12. Blobfish

The blobfish has found much fame due to it being called the ugliest animal to exist. However, we think it has unfairly got this title, especially since this list alone has provided it with some worthy contenders.

Some people may find it the complete opposite of ugly, and think that it is cute! It is typically found off the coast of Australia and some of the surrounding areas such as New Zealand and Tasmania.

It's strange 'blobby' appearance is thanks to the fact that its body is a gelatinous mass, made so to help them live in the extreme depths of 2000 feet to 3000 feet underwater.

Their body allows them to float and easily catch the food that floats towards them. This is usually made up of crustaceans and other edible matter.

They are thought to be completely still for most of their lives. This is because they are almost entirely free of muscles. Certainly, they can barely support their own weight when brought out of water. It is not thought that they have many predators, but they do often get accidentally caught in the nets of sea trawlers.

13. Yeti Crab

The yeti crab is called so because it looks as though it is covered in fur that resembles the mythical animal/ creature known as the yeti. They have only been known to us since 2005, although do not mistake this for being because they are rare.

Quite the opposite in fact, since they are very common. The reason that they were not found until relatively recently is perhaps due more to the fact that they reside in some of the most extreme conditions in existence.

They live in hydrothermal vents in the relatively small area between freezing water and 700-degree Fahrenheit water.

If they move too close to the hot water, they will boil to death. Further into the cold and they will freeze.

13. Yeti Crab

They are typically found in depths of around 2200 feet under the sea. They have to live in these very specific conditions but this has not slowed them down. Photos have been seen of hundreds of them gathering together in these areas.

In terms of appearance, these crabs have no eyes. They do, however, have distinctive hairy claws and measure just under 6 inches in length. The hair on their bodies attracts bacteria which is their main source of food. It is thought that they 'farm' the food themselves in this way.

Source: https://addhelium.com/weirdest-creatures-in-the-ocean/

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