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Procura+ Sustainable Procurement Campaign

Procura+ Sustainable Procurement Campaign

ICLEI European Secretariat joins forces with the United Nations Development Programme
(UNDP) in Croatia to work on implementing and promoting sustainable public
procurement via the Procura+ Campaign.

UNDP will act as National Partner for the Campaign and support public authorities in Croatia.
Also today, the Croatian Procura+ Manual on cost-effective and sustainable procurement
is being launched. The manual provides clear and simple advice on how public authorities,
such as local governments, universities, schools, and hospitals, can implement sustainable
procurement - no matter what their size or level of experience.

The second edition of the manual has been prepared by experts with experience in working
in public sector procurement. It provides practical advice on integrating sustainability into
procurement, information on the cost of sustainable procurement, a model for systematically
implementing sustainable procurement, and actual purchasing criteria for six high-priority
product groups - construction, IT equipment, cleaning products, food, buses and electricity
- as well as a simple approach to monitoring performance.

The manual is a key tool for ICLEI's Sustainable Procurement Campaign, Procura+. The aim
of this campaign is to bring together a critical mass of public authorities committed to applying
environmental and social criteria in their purchasing policies and practices to bring about real
change. Participants receive both support in implementation and the opportunity to promote
their achievements internationally.

To download the Croatian version of the manual and for more information on
ICLEI's sustainable procurement Campaign Procura+ go to www.procuraplus.org or contact
Philipp Tepper, Procura+ Campaign Manager, email: philipp.tepper@iclei.org

ICLEI European Secretariat
Sustainable Procurement team
E-Mail: procurement@iclei.org
Tel: +49 761 / 36892-0

ICLEI: www.iclei-europe.org
Procura+ Campaign: www.procuraplus.org

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