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OVOPUR: Eco-friendly Water Filter

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OVOPUR: Eco-friendly Water Filter

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Design firm Aquaovo have created a whole new reason for water cooler talk with the OVOPUR, an environmentally-friendly water filter. Shaped like a sleek egg, the OVOPUR uses an Aquacristal filter, made of activated carbon, quartz, copper and zinc. The filter last four months and can clean about 530 gallons of water. The oval dispenser holds 3 gallons at a time and is made of white lead-free glazed porcelain and recyclable and non-toxic parts like silicone and polypropylene. The unit can also be used without the filter as a simple drink dispenser - and is sure to be a conversation starter on any occasion.

The water cooler: straight up conversation piece, right? It might be the place to hang out at the office or the daisy flowered thing at your grandma´s pool parties. The sustaina-liscious kicker of the OVOPUR is its egg-like shape. It´s actually designed to revitalize water using its own natural flow-y curves, `a la the theories of Viktor Shauberger. So the liquid in OVOPUR does not stagnate, and it might actually improve the taste of grandma´s iced tea - who knows? At least she won´t have to buy it in a bottle.

+ Aquaovo

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