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Výroba pitné vody pomocí solárního zařízení

Pitná voda
Solární energie
Výroba pitné vody pomocí solárního zařízení
PopisLarge-scale solar distillation and rainwater harvesting
POD Reference: TONL20131209002
A Dutch SME has developed a integrated technology for producing drinking water. It is a uniquely designed foil structure, utilizing energy from the sun to evaporate dirty or polluted source water and to condense high quality drinking water. Furthermore it is designed to harvest and collect rainwater in rainy seasons. The SME is offering a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement (for local production) to organisations with knowlegde of the local water market.
The technology is used in tropical remote regions to desalinate saline water and to harvest rainwater. The technology is best used were abundant radiation of the sun and free ground space is available.

The system contains of a uniquely designed inflated foil structure which utilizes energy from the sun to evaporate dirty or polluted source water and to condense high quality drinking water. The concept is based on the solar still principle, optimised for large areas.

On the inside, the system produces high quality distilled water. The outside is used to collect and harvest rainwater during the rainy season. The rainwater is collected separately, purified (using filtering and silver disinfection techniques) and stored in a large ground tank.

The system with a total area of about 650 m2 produces up to 1.000 - 1.250 litres of distilled water daily on the inside of the tent. That is about 350 m3 on yearly basis. The production is enough to fulfil the drinking water needs of hundreds of peoples.
The collected rainwater is dependant on the specific rainfall characteristics of the location. An average tropical rainfall of 800 l/m2/year results in the collection and harvesting of about 600 m3 of rain water.
Advantages and Innovations:
- Drinking water (meeting the WHO guidelines) made easily available
- For remote and local application
- The workforce can be locally recruited and trained
- Low operational/maintenance costs
- The system can be locally produced
- Environmentally friendly
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Partner should have expertise of the local (drinking) water market.
Stage of Development: Already on the market
IPR status: Patents granted

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Dutch SME is looking for organisations that have expertise of the local (drinking) water market and can be responsible for operations and maintenance as well as regional sales (optional: local production).

Type of Partnership Considered: Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Technologie / licence / produkt Nabízím technologii nebo licenci
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