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Government backtracks from Finkel's clean energy target - politics live

It's groundhog day in energy policy, but the government is inching towards a media deal. Follow all today's events in and around parliament 11.02pm BST A couple of quick points on the clean energy target:It has been clear from the moment Alan Finkel produced his report that the government would not implement his recommendation as modelled in his report - it would produce a mechanism which allowed incentives for coal. 10.58pm BST If it feels like we have been here before, it is because we have. Energy is once again the buzzword of the day, with government leaks hinting at what we already knew- that it looks like walking away from Finkel's clean energy target in favour of an investor framework. We'll hear plenty more on that today.Media reforms have also been shifted to the top of the Senate agenda, which, at this stage at least, means the government is feeling confident its close to a deal. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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