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We must act now to counter ash dieback | Letters

There's plenty the public can do to help conservation, writes Austin Brady of the Woodland TrustIt's not just in North America where ash trees face extinction (Report, 15 September). It's now five years since ash dieback was first confirmed in the UK. The disease has now been recorded at more than 1,300 locations and is expected to kill many thousands of trees. The spread of emerald ash borer is already a growing concern in Europe. But positive steps are being taken. Planting more trees now, using a greater diversity of tree species, will help bolster the landscape against future losses. The Woodland Trust aims to plant 64 million trees over the next decade. The public can also help scientists detect the arrival of new pests. Observatree is a project by conservation bodies that has trained more than 200 volunteers UK-wide to do just that.Austin BradyDirector of conservation, Woodland Trusto Join the debate - email guardian.letters@theguardian.com Continue reading...
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