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A less rose-tinted view of Justin Trudeau's Canada | Letters

Linnea Rowlatt feels her country is less enlightened than often presentedDespite pleasure in seeing my country praised, I am not quick to agree with Will Goble that Canada may be considered an enlightened democracy today (Letters, High cost of wrecking the Soviet Union, 11 December). Contrary to the "sunny ways" promised during his election campaign, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government upheld the Indian Act, which, despite tinkering, relegates women of the First Nations to second-class status, have failed to produce electoral reform, sell armaments to Middle Eastern despots, and continue to export fossil fuels from the tar sands, thereby contributing to greater degrees of climate change. The rose-tinted glasses have fallen from the eyes of many Canadians as, sadly, we see that there has not been significant change in policy or legislative direction since the defeat of Harper and the Conservatives in 2015.Linnea RowlattOttawa, Canada Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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