zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

Travellers in Nigeria on the road to ruin | Brief letters

Brexit | Periods | Butterflies | Morris MinorsIf, as Shahmir Sanni says (Report, 5 July), ?0.7m would have made all the difference to the Brexit referendum result, can we reasonably project that the ?9m the government spent on sending remain leaflets to every household in the country but which was not counted in the campaign expenditure would have made 14 times all the difference to the result?Ian HoltonTunbridge Wells, Kento I am delighted that women are now free to mention the word period (MP breaks House of Commons taboo by discussing her period, 29 June). Imagine the shame of being sent to the village haberdashery shop in the 1950s and being told to ask for a " box of crackers". Wrapped in brown paper in the back room.Jean JacksonSeer Green, Buckinghamshire Continue reading...
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