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The climate crisis demands more than blocking roads, Extinction Rebellion | James Butler

Activists targeting motorists need to think bigger. They need to persuade Labour to make climate a part of every campaignThe Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a headline machine. In blocking roads and bridges, protesters have brought a momentary stop to the pump and snarl of city motorists - and annoyed any number of drivers in the process. In doing so, not only does the group signal a willingness to shut down cities to hammer home the scale of the crisis but draws attention to cities' addiction to petrol. The rationale for this kind of action - and I've blocked many a road in my time - is that the situation is so serious that peaceful obstruction is necessary to bring wider attention and demand change, inconvenience be damned. Related: I was arrested at a climate change protest - it was worth it | Gavin Turk Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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