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In 1993 my agency warned of climate change. In 1995 it was abolished | William Westermeyer

The US Office of Technology Assessment should be revived - in 2019 the world will need its expertise more than everMany agree that one of the most pressing problems the world faces today is climate change. The question of what to do about it, however, has become highly politicised. Scepticism about climate change is typically a conservative position and trust in the conclusions of the scientific community a more progressive one. While this politicisation is perhaps most evident in the United States, it is well known in many other countries.But this wasn't always the case. Between 1972 and 1995, a US agency named the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) existed to provide the practical means to help overcome such politicisation. During its 23-year existence, the OTA was in a unique position to assist members of Congress in understanding complex issues in science and technology. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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