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Crisis crescendos: how the Proms is sounding the alarm for a planet in peril

Pounding oceans, enchanted woods, threatened birds and the powerful words of Greta Thunberg ... we meet the composers spearheading this year's nature theme at the PromsThe Proms have a slightly uneasy relationship with Big Themes. Former director Nicholas Kenyon used to love them - grand overarching narratives designed to hold the otherwise unwieldy two-month music festival together. But his successors have been more circumspect, recognising that Proms-goers for the most part attend single concerts rather than a group of performances linked to, say, death or sex - or this year's theme, nature, and our part in destroying it.That big theme, admits current Proms director David Pickard, stole up on him almost unawares. "You don't always start with a theme," he says. "Pieces come in and it emerges. You start to see a theme emerging from what people are wanting to write. That was what happened with this. None of these things should be forced." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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