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'What will be left for us?' Lagos fishermen lament the oil refinery

In Nigeria's megacity, rampant development and a growing population are forcing communities to go further for fishAlmost as soon as the fishermen arrive with their haul, it disappears. The fish market in Epe, at the edge of Lagos, now runs like a kind of seafood cabal, with demand so high that many miss out. The major buyers are served as a priority - the big Lagos restaurants, a few cold room owners, then the rest. Sometimes smaller fishermen will sell to favoured market-stall holders. There is simply not enough to go around."When I couldn't find red snappers in Victoria Island, a friend suggested I go to the Epe market. But the snappers were not there either," says Enita Aderemi, a local freelance writer. "The freshwater catfish I found cost three times the price I bought them for three months ago, a price that was already high." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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