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Městská vozidla koncernu Bomabardier

Urbánní ekologie
Městská vozidla koncernu Bomabardier

Tramvaje řady FLEXITY

With our FLEXITY 100 % low-floor trams passengers enjoy highly comfortable journeys throughout the city.

The floor of these vehicles is only 30 to 35 cm above the track. Thus, no steps need to be climbed - which is a welcome benefit to all those passengers with push-chairs, mobility difficulties or heavy shopping and guarantees a continuous passenger flow.

Bombardier´s 100 % low-floor trams meet the individual needs of numerous cities, such as Geneva and Zurich (Swit­zerland), Linz and Innsbruck (Austria), Lodz (Poland), Eskisehir (Turkey), Brussels (Belgium), Marseille (France), Valencia and Alicante (Spain), Palermo (Italy) as well as in the Rhine-Neckar Region, Berlin, Augsburg and Krefeld (Germany).

As in the automotive industry, in designing our vehicles, a lot of attention is paid to the passive safety of driver and passenger in case of collision (crashworthiness). The `soft´ vehicle front nose and special energy absorbing elements, together with a steel-tube design that resists impact of up to 40 tons, provide maximum safety for driver, passengers and other vehicles involved in a collision, such as cars or buses.

Built with proven and reliable technology for inner city tram networks, our FLEXITY 70% low-floor trams are equipped with conventional bogies that excel in smooth running behaviour, low levels of noise and reduced wear of the wheels. Therefore, costs for service and maintenance are con­siderably reduced. Some of the comfort features of these vehicles include spa­cious multi-purpose areas, wide doors and level entrances that allow quick and effortless passenger transfer.

The welded steel-car body of these trams is very popu­lar among German transport operators and can be found in cities such as Kassel, Essen, Schwerin, Dessau, Halle, Dresden, Frankurt, Leipzig, Bremen and Dortmund. Cities outside Germany have also chosen this FLEXITY solution, among them Norrköping (Sweden), Adelaide (Australia) as well as Kraków and Gdansk (Poland).

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