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Tata Starbus Ultra Low Floor - High Capacity CNG bus for intra-city travel

The Starbus Ultra Low Floor bus is very similar to its higher mounted sister, the Starbus Low Floor. However there are a few additional advantages that have transformed this into a truly revolutionary intra-city commuter vehicle.

The easiest bus to get in and out of: The Starbus UltraLow Floor has a low floor height of 380 mm from the ground level (almost pavement level), making boarding and alighting very convenient for commuters of all ages, and the disabled too. Plus, wide, twin doors fitted at the centre and at the front permit 3 passengers to simultaneously board and alight the bus.

A marriage of comfort and economy: The Starbus Ultra Low Floor has 27-32 seats and plenty of space for standee commuters. Over 80 passengers can travel easily and comfortably in this bus during peak hour. Plus, the use of CNG makes it far more economical to run and safer for the environment too.

More on:http://buses.tatamotors.com/lowfloor_feature.htm

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