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Australia : Adelaide - a green city

Australia : Adelaide - a green city

With commitment from the State Government and the Adelaide City Council, through the Capital City Committee, the Adelaide Green City project aims to align Adelaide's existing clean and green reputation with actions supporting sustainability to brand Adelaide as an internationally acclaimed green city - recognised for its environmental and sustainability initiatives.

The aim is to transform Adelaide's city centre and deliver visible projects in the short term while developing a framework for longer-term outcomes. The underlying approach is based on partnership - within state and local government and with the private sector, universities and the community.

Green City initiatives include

Active Adelaide
Adelaide Building Tune-Ups Project
Affordable Housing Competition
Board game
Business of Sustainability
Central West Environmental Loop
Greasetrap and Cooking Oil Waste Audit
Green City Festival

Herbert Girardet - Thinker in Residence
Mini-Wind Turbines
North Terrace Solar Precinct
Park Lands Soil Demonstration
PLUS Network: Sustainable Cities
Premier's Million Trees Program
Renewable Energy Virtual Display
Further Information on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Programs
Solar Schools
Solar Cities Congress
Vertical Composting Unit - Botanic Gardens of Adelaide
Victoria Square Solar Lights
Zero Waste Strategy

Cycling Adelaide

Workers in the green city are getting physical with the Cycling Adelaide program.

Over 900 people registered their interest to participate in this inaugural program which encouraged and supported Adelaide CBD workers to cycle to and from work.

Seventy participants were chosen for the program, each monitoring their cycling habits over a six month period. Participants received a discounted bicycle, a free Green City jersey, access to secure parking, shower facilities and training sessions on bike safety. Project partners are working on future initiatives to ensure the
other 800+ interested workers get on their bicycles.

For more information visit Cycling Adelaide Program and read the Active Adelaide Fact Sheet


Adelaide Building Tune-Ups Project

The Building Tune Ups Project is now complete.

This project is an initiative of the Capital City Committee and is a partnership between the South Australian Government and Adelaide City Council.

The project measured the energy and water use of 10 CBD office buildings, including both government and privately owned buildings. ECS Australia rated each building under the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating System (ABGR)

Water use was assessed using the National Australian Buildings Environmental Ratings System (NABERS). Building owners were provided with a practical costed specification and implementation plan to make improvements to their building.

The goal for each building was to achieve a minimum one star improvement in each area. 'Tuned Up' buildings will be cheaper to run and will achieve substantial energy and water savings.

To learn more about the Building Tune-Ups Project please contact Alison Dwyer on 08 8463 6396 or by email

View the Adelaide Building Tune Ups Project reports:

Affordable Eco Housing Competition

Adelaide City Council and the South Australian Government, with the Green City program, held a design competition to develop plans for an affordable medium density inner city housing development based on a green building design.

The Adelaide City Council purchased a site at 42-56 Whitmore Square for the development.

South Australian firm, Troppo Architects submitted the winning design. The development will be built at the same unit cost for a non-green building clearly signaling that smart architectural design can result in ongoing community benefits.

For more information visit www.adelaidecitycouncil.com


BASEline - Businesses of Adelaide Saving Energy

BASEline is a joint initiative of the Green City Program and is sponsored by the South Australian Government and Adelaide City Council.

Under the program, Connell Mott MacDonald have undertaken energy audits of small businesses in the city. The results from 19 of these audits showed the potential to reduce energy use by an average of 10% with a payback of 3.3 years including the cost of the audits which in this case have been funded by Government and Council. Examples of energy saving opportunities identified include:

  • removing excess florescent tubes and ballasts
  • adjusting lighting switch groups
  • installing occupancy detectors
  • repairs to air conditioning equipment

Board Game

The Green City team developed a board game that takes players around the city of Adelaide through a range of environmental sustainability initiatives. Land on a good environmental action you will be rewarded with moving forward but land on a negative environmental action and see yourself backtrack. Land on a question space and answer correctly, you get another turn.

Business of Sustainability

To showcase local and national environmental industry, the Green City team, in conjunction with Government and the private sector initiated the Business of Sustainability brand for conferences, and successfully hosted a waste event, an energy efficiency conference and expo and the highly successful 2005 conference and trade fair which focused on waste, water and energy under this brand.

Central West Environmental Loop

The community has participated in a range of initiatives to create an environmental loop in the Central West Precinct of the city through reducing, reusing and recycling waste, water and energy.

The Precinct includes a range of business types including the Central Market, restaurants and accommodation, furniture and automotive outlets, offices as well as residences. A feasibility study for the project is complete and can be viewed by clicking here - (pdf 3782kb).

One initiative underway is 'Be Green Go Blue' in which more than 30,000 re useable bags have been sold by stall holders in the Central Markets, Adelaide's premier fresh food markets.

A cardboard compactor has been installed in the Central Markets and the Adelaide City Council has extended their free cardboard collection to most businesses in the city.

Thirty of the business participating in the BASEline project are located in the Central West precinct.

The Grote Street Business Association, representing many businesses in the precinct, are implementing sustainable practices through their Grote Eco Program including:

  • a cardboard recycling program averaging 5760 kg cardboard recycled
    per month
  • a print cartridge program
  • a workplace environment officer program in which 100 small businesses have signed up to learn and implement environmental sustainability practices in the workplace.


ECOtvc is a competition to create a short commercial about environmental issues to create greater public awareness and change peoples' behaviour. The competition provides an opportunity for skill building and development for young and emerging film-makers. ECOtvc is supported by a collaboration of business, media, government, environmental organisations and educational institutions.

View the four commercials developed through the inaugural competition in 2004 by clicking here.

Visit ecotvc.com for the details of the 2008-09 competition.

Grease Trap and Cooking Oil Waste Audit

In Adelaide, all of our grease trap and cooking oil waste is being recycled. Students from the University of South Australian undertook a grease trap and cooking oil waste cycle audit of the East End of the city for the Green City program and the results are a good news story. South Australian's are already recycling these waste streams.

Click here to read a copy of the report.

Green City Festival

Adelaide's inaugural Savings and Loans Green City Festival made its debut in the city of Adelaide on Sunday 17 February 2008.

The purpose of the festival was to demonstrate sustainable living principles and practice and to showcase Adelaide as a leader in 'green city living'.

The Capital City Committee proudly sponsored the Festival.

For further information please visit the Savings and Loans Green City Festival website.

Herbert Girardet - Thinker in Residence

To help Adelaide develop as a green city Herbert Girardet was invited to Adelaide as a Thinker in Residence. His visit was supported by a partnership which included the Thinkers Program, the former Office of Sustainability, the Adelaide City Council, the former Department of Transport and Urban Planning , the Body Shop and the Capital City Project.

Herbert Girardet was a key note speaker at 'City as a Stage' in 2001. He is the author of a number of books including 'The Gaia Atlas of Cities', 'Creating a Sustainable City' and 'Cities People Planet' which features Adelaide. He is Chair of the Schumacher Society and a documentary film maker.

Herbert Girardet visited Adelaide for a period of eight weeks from mid-May 2003. He provided a public lecture, participated in several roundtables, presentations and had many speaking engagements.

The results of this work have been produced in a report titled Creating a Sustainable Adelaide (7,518 KB pdf file)

Or view the Executive summary (2,938 KB pdf file)

News Release South Australia goes Green in response to Girardet Report

Read the South Australian Government's response to the recommendations made by Herbert Girardet

For further information please visit the Adelaide Thinkers In Residence website.

i Wind Turbines

Five SWIFT mini wind turbines were installed on buildings around Adelaide, including the State Administration Centre, Wakefield House, the Central Market and the Roma Mitchell Arts Centre in the Central Business District. The last turbine is erected at the Watershed Resource Centre at Mawson Lakes. These turbines are designed to produce 1.5KW - or between 33% and 50% of a household's electricity requirements.

Read the mini wind turbine fact sheet for further information (PDF 159KB)

North Terrace Solar Precinct

The South Australian Government has established a solar precinct along North Terrace.

Projects include

  • South Australian Museum - 20 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof in 2003
  • Art Gallery of South Australia - 20 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof in 2004
  • Parliament House - 20.16kW solar array installed on the roof in May 2005
  • State Library - 18.6 kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof in 2005
  • Solar Mallee Trees - an innovative installation
    on the Festival Plaza harnessing solar power
    for lighting.

Please read the North Terrace Solar Precinct fact sheet and the Solar Mallee Trees fact sheet for further information.

Park Lands Soil Demonstration

The Adelaide City Council, the Green City Project Team and Jeffries Group partnered in a project to demonstrate how appropriate
soil-management can reduce irrigation needs.

Click here (3104KB pdf file) to view the project case study.

PLUS Network

The PLUS Network is a peer network of cities, sharing their experiences, expertise and tools for planning for urban sustainability. Adelaide, through the Capital City Committee, is an active member of the Network.


Premier's Million Trees Program

The South Australian Government is committed to planting 3 Million trees around the state. 100,000 of these will be planted in the Adelaide Park Lands and to date 75,000 shrubs, trees and grasses have been planted.

For more information please click here

Renewable Energy Virtual Display

With assistance from a number of sponsors, the Green City Project Team, the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure and UniSA designed and installed a renewable energy display in the foyer of the South Australian Museum.

The display demonstratedf a range of ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions including photovoltaic (solar panels) and solar hot water, wind, carbon sequestration through planting trees and biodiesel to name a few. The display also included a daily data feed of the renewable energy produced in South Australia.

An interactive website which delves deeper into renewable energy is also up and running.

View the Renewable Energy Virtual Display and the Renewable Energy Interactive Sit

For more information on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs please see below.

Photovoltaic Rebate Program - cash rebates are available to householders to install grid-connected or stand-alone photovoltaic systems. For more information contact the Photovoltaic Rebate Program national information line on 1300 138 122 or visit www.greenhouse.gov.au/renewable.

South Australian Solar Hot Water Heater Rebate Scheme - Rebates are available to South Australian residents with an appropriate concession card who purchase a new solar hot water system or retrofit kit for domestic purposes and install it at their principal place of residence are eligible for a rebate (subject to conditions).

For more information and an application form visit www.energy.sa.gov.au or ring 08 8204 1888.

Energy Audits, Tips and Misc Information - You can do a self-audit of your home energy use. Visit the publications sections of the Energy Division website www.energy.sa.gov.au for a self energy audit guide and tips on how to save energy at home.

Carbon Sequestration Programs - You can offset your emissions by planting trees. A number of companies, for example Big Green Umbrella Trust and Greenfleet, have the capacity to plant trees and sequester emissions on your behalf.

Green Power - You have the option to purchase green power - power from renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Contact your local energy retailer to learn how to do this.

Water Saving Products Rebates - SA Water offers rebates on a range of water saving products. Visit www.sawater.com.au or ring 1800 130 952 for more information and an application form.

TravelSmart SA - Transport SA runs a schools program giving students and members of the school community an opportunity to learn about their travel habits with a view to making sustainable and healthier travel choices. If you want to become involved check out the website - www.transport.sa.gov.au/environment/travelsmartsa/schools.asp or ring 1300 360 067.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - for more information on waste management initiatives and useful links check out the Zero Waste SA website at www.zerowaste.sa.gov.au

3rd International Solar Cities Congress

South Australia has strengthened its reputation as a worldwide environmental leader following the state´s successful hosting of the 3rd International Solar Cities Congress in February 2008.

The event attracted over 800 delegates from across the globe, including some of the planet´s leading experts in renewable energy and climate change.

Among the 90 speakers to present their views and ideas were US environmental activist Robert F Kennedy Jr, billionaire founder of Suntech Power Dr Zhengrong Shi and internationally acclaimed cultural ecologist Herbert Girardet.

Robert Kennedy Jr - Keynote Speaker

Robert F Kennedy Jr delivers a powerful message at the Congress

International Solar Schools Competition

Solar Schools

The South Australian Government is committed to installing solar panels on 250 schools.

The installation of 2kwh solar power systems at 74 Department of Education and Children's Services school sites was completed at the end of 2005. The systems deliver solar powered electricity to the schools, resulting in energy savings costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Two of the schools are in the city - Sturt Street Community School and Gilles Street Primary School.

Vertical Composting Unit - Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

The Green City Program, Zero Waste SA and Botanic Gardens of Adelaide jointly funded a business plan to evaluate the feasibility, costs and benefits for a demonstration project to compost organic waste from the Botanic Gardens, Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Botanic Gardens Restaurant using a Vertical Composting Unit.

Victoria Square Solar Lights

Twelve greenhouse neutral solar lights were installed in Victoria Square in
September 2005. The lighting system produces electricity during the day when the demand is high for industries and air conditioning and returns it to the electricity supply grid. At night electricity flows from the grid to power the solar lights. For more details please read the project fact sheet.

Zero Waste Strategy

The Green City team are working with Adelaide City Council and Zero Waste SA to develop a zero waste strategy for the city.

A draft background paper and action plan have been prepared and are under review by the State Government and the Adelaide City Council.


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