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25. listopadu 2013
Articles from Science for Environment Policy
The co-benefits of co-ordinated climate change policy
Globally co-ordinated climate change policy to limit warming to 2°C could provide additional health, ecological and economic benefits. Using established methods, researchers estimated that the implementation of climate policy would also reduce global expenditures on air pollution control in 2050 by EUR250 billion.
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Coastal flooding: failing to adapt is not an option, says study
Climate change will lead to an increased risk of flooding and huge economic losses if countries do not invest in appropriate adaptation measures, according to a new study. The research estimates the risks posed by flooding to cities around the world and the associated economic losses in 2005 and 2050, and suggests that flood protection must be increased to maintain the same level of risk to coastal cities.
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The first direct measures of how Cuvier's beaked whales respond to military sonar
Two tagged Cuvier's beaked whales have shown intense and lasting avoidance behaviours in response to military sonar. In the first study of this kind, the whales showed significant responses to sonar at volumes that are currently assumed in the US to have no effect on behaviour.
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New green VAT system proposed to encourage sustainable consumption and production
A new economic tool designed to encourage sustainable production and consumption has been proposed in a recent study. To ensure that the environmental impact of products is reflected in their cost, the authors of the research recommend a system of green value added tax (VAT) based on life cycle assessment (LCA).
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Long-term effects of low-dose pesticide exposure in the environment
Non-target aquatic wildlife species may be more vulnerable to pesticides´ effects, with repeated exposure to low doses over the long-term, if they compete with other species for food, according to a recent study. Understanding how this process occurs can help those undertaking risk assessments and managing pesticides in the natural environment.
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Pressures for Indian manufacturers to green their supply chains identified
The pressures facing Indian manufacturers to `green´ their supply chain have been explored by a recent study. Both international and national pressures from government and consumers were found to play an important role in whether a company adopts green supply chain management principles, with pressures varying to some degree depending on the business´s sector and size.
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