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Country diary: A calm sea with a shoal of mullet swimming just below the surface

Langstone, Hampshire: Wastewater pouring into the sea exposes fish to hormonal pharmaceuticalsThere was a chill in the air as I wandered down to the harbour, but the breeze had dropped and the sea lay as calm as the neighbouring mill pond. The tide was high, the water lapping against the crumbling red brick sea defences. A flock of black-headed gulls had gathered near the old sea gates. Some hovered above the water, dipping down to snatch insects from the surface, while others paddled in lazy circles, their heads cocked as they peered into the depths.There was a splash as one gull dived, popping up with a writhing fish in its bill. As it gobbled down its catch, a silver-scaled mullet rocketed two feet in the air, falling back into the water on its side. Three more jumped in quick succession. A set of ripples radiated out in concentric circles. The shoal was swimming just below the surface, breaking the surface tension as they rose. I began to make out their torpedo shapes beneath the dimple rings. Mature mullets can grow to 70cm in length, but these fish were juveniles, 10cm or smaller. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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