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Hledáme výrobce/dodavatele hnojiv a biomateriálů

Hledáme výrobce/dodavatele hnojiv a biomateriálů

PopisRakouská společnost vyvinula enviromentálně přívětivé organické hnojivo, které splňuje hygienické normy. Tato společnost získala financování z programu CIP-EIP-ECO-Inovace 2012 pro dostání tohoto hnojiva na trh.
Investiční náklady a mzdy jsou dotovány z 50%. Tato společnost hledá partnera pro spuštění modelové výroby vyzkoušené v Rakousku také v zahraničí. Dále hledá partnery se zájmem o licenci/frenčízu.

Description: Each year, 18 bn. tons of mineral fertilizers are put upon European soils. Environmental impacts are enormous. Step by step, greener alternatives have appeared on the market, but only with small impacts or local business focus. A large scale market penetration is still missing. The Austrian company submitted a project proposal in the CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation-2012 program, to overcome these problems. It has been accepted and is currently in contract negotiations. The new fertilizer is a 100% natural product which improves the soil structure and forms humus. It is classified as foodstuff and no health risks are associated with it. Compared to other natural fertilizers, it is more effective, meaning less fertilizer is needed to achieve the same yields like standard fertilizers. The project´s goal is to establish a new international franchise brand by using the Austrian SME´s newly developed organic fertilizer which meets food hygiene standards. Currently, a pilot plant exists in Austria. The next step is to establish an industrial scale production in Austria and replicate this in another European country to validate the franchise / licensee system. The project has already been accepted for funding and starts by scaling up the current pilot production site in Austria to a planned capacity of 1.000t fertilizer/year (might be scaled up to 5.000t/year). This leads to a model plant site with sales structure which should then be replicated in another European country to implement and test a franchise / licensee system with the natural fertilizer under a common logo / corporate design, which will be jointly developed. As the project is already accepted for funding, the potential partner might start into a ready project without writing proposals / waiting for grants. Any contract preparation work will be done by the Austrian lead partner. The time frame is 36 months, starting spring 2014 (~ March). Investment costs of around 360,000 Euros are planned for the potential partner (plant building, sales structure). Funding rate is 50%. Additional working hours (business plan, project management, community platform, and franchise system) are also funded with 50%. The whole foreseen project budget for all partners (1 LeadPartner, 1 ProjectPartner) is around 1.5 million Euros. Currently, the project consortium consists of 1 Austrian lead partner and 3 subcontractors (from Austria and Germany).
Advantages and Innovations: Project is already accepted for funding. The potential partner might start into a ready project without writing proposals / waiting for grants. Any contract preparation work will be done by the Austrian lead partner. The biological fertilizer achieves food hygiene standards and the company has a registered trademark for it. The fertilizer is also registered at DSMZ (German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures), providing safety regarding reproduction for micro-organisms.

Type and Role of Partner Sought:

Sought is a company which produces eco-friendly materials connected to the agricultural or food sector. Experience with materials like organic fertilizers, maize derived bioplastic (food packaging) or the like would be best. A connection to potential regional fertilizer customers would be beneficial. The company should have strong territorial roots but be able to focus on expanding markets.

The role of the partner would be to observe the construction of the first plant built in Austria; plan, co-ordinate and implement the replication of the Austrian plant in their home region together with the subcontractors; build a sound sales structure for the product; co-develop a licensing / franchise system with the Austrian Lead-Partner (LP) and test this system as the first licensee; contribute to the business and exploitation plan; participate in the project management. They should be able to rebuild a small to medium sized model production plant. Furthermore it is necessary to build a sales structure for the fertilizer product within their home region and to initialize a regional community platform which will be developed into an international platform later on.

Ref: RDAT20130719001

Zdroj: www.inovace.cz

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