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Compost in 14 -21 days & How to make a Tumbler Bin Composter


This video shows how to make an inexpensive compost tumbler bin for under $10.00. I also give tips and briefly explain how to make compost in 14-21 days. This is the first of several videos I'll be uploading of my organic garden, from composting, to germinating the seeds I sell, to maintaining my organic garden and until the harvest day. Everything starts with Compost making. Hey, I am not a pro, nor intent to teach others what they already know. I am just showing the way I garden in this beautiful Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Anyone can compost at home. Taking in consideration some viewers still have "dial up" internet connections, I tried to keep my video to under 4 minutes. If the pictures are running too fast for you, please feel free to click "pause" so you can read at your pace. If your don't like the background music, please turn off the sound in your computer. In my next video, I will explain when to use dry and raw manure, and other ways to compost. With everything said, I truly hope this video motivates you to start composting at home. Hey, I used to trash 4 garbage bags weekly...now only one. Composting not only saves me several $$ in water and fertilizers, but I am also contributing to fight our terrible Global Warming. Wouldn't you do the same? Learn more composting: www.huertocaseroorganico.com All my videos are or will be written in English and Spanish. Enjoy!

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