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Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform

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Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform

DG Environment of the European Commission, in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions, has set up a new Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform to support the implementation of the Zero Pollution Action Plan. The Platform will bring together stakeholders and experts of different policy areas, such as health, agriculture, research and innovation, transport, digitalisation and the environment. It will create co-ownership, promote collaboration, and foster integrated solutions to maximise synergies with decarbonisation and post-COVID 19 recovery effort.

To become a member of this platform, a call for expression of interest is now open with a deadline for application on 3 November 2021 (see under additional information where you will also find the details for the call as well as the terms of reference for the group).

First Executive Vice President Timmermans and Commissioner Sinkevičius will open the first meeting of the Stakeholder Platform on 16 December 2021.

More information and regular updates on the implementation will be made available on the new website for the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform. Moreover, interested stakeholders and citizens are invited to subscribe to the newsletter on the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform which will be issued soon and provide updates on a regular basis.

We also encourage everybody to make pledges related to zero pollution through the EU Climate Pact. Specifically, we want to promote pledges on best available, 'near-zero waste' options. This means products and services that are proven to be less polluting over their whole life cycle, especially those awarded the EU Ecolabel.

We are looking forward working with you towards the zero pollution ambition for a toxic free environment.

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