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The invisible hand of the market won't protect our food or fields | Sue Pritchard

The defeat of the agriculture bill is a blow to the many who believe Britain could lead the world in sustainable farmingIn a world of polarised debates, there is a broad, non-partisan consensus on the issue of trade and standards. So it was disappointing - even if predictable - that the government whipped against amendments to protect UK food standards in the agriculture bill, which returned to the House of Commons this week. The key amendment was defeated last night by 332 votes to 279. Curiously, many Tory shire MPs voted against the expressed concerns of their farming constituencies, while Ed Davey and Keir Starmer donned their wellies and backed British farming. Farming minister Victoria Prentis argued that the amendments were not needed, since the government had already promised to uphold UK standards in future trade deals.Although they lost the Commons vote, credit should go to the combined efforts of the campaigning organisations - from the National Farmers' Union, CLA and Tenant Farmers Association, to Green Alliance, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts, Which?, Sustain, WWF and many more - that have shifted farming standards and trade debates to the front pages of the tabloids. Leavers and remainers have come together, with Prue Leith supporting Jamie Oliver's spirited #saveourstandards campaign, connecting children's health and the future of small farmers. Campaigners have focused on chlorine-washed chicken, hormone-fed beef or ractopamine-dosed pigs, all features of US industrial production systems that we know are bad for people and planet. But it goes much further than this. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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