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Cop26: our experts answer your questions about crucial climate summit - live

Fiona Harvey, Professor Saleemul Huq, Lucy Siegle, Hannah Martin, Professor Mary Gagen and Damian Carrington answer your questions on Cop26With regard to the financing of climate change mitigation in the UK the Chancellor says that he is reluctant to impose a burden on future generations by borrowing to create the finance. Given that no such doubt was raised by him over the 400bn of Covid spend, do you think this evidences that he fails to see climate breakdown as an emergency or crisis? In fact has anyone heard either the E or C word pass his or other ministers' lips? Paul Scholes, 67, Teignmouth, UKHannah Martin replies: We need to remember that emissions do not respond to targets. Emissions only respond to policy and the finance needed to make that policy a reality. With the Comprehensive Spending review coming up this week there are multiple reports in the press that Rishi Sunak and the Treasury are trying to appease the climate delayers in the Conservative party by resisting calls to invest properly and fully in the green economy and in the transition. This is extremely short sighted and shows a lack of real awareness from the Chancellor to both the opportunities of the transition and the risks of delay. We could be investing in a Green New Deal now to create millions of good green jobs, revitalise our economy and stop climate breakdown but what we are lacking is the political will to make it happen. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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