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'A tipping point': how poor forestry fuels floods and fires in western Canada

Clearcutting worsens heavy rain events but selective logging is needed to limit wildfire threat, experts sayA devastating string of floods and landslides have shocked residents in British Columbia, a west Canadian province increasingly forced to grapple with the effects of the climate crisis. As images of the devastation circulate on social media, experts warn that management of the province's forests will be key to blunting the effects of future storms."It's just this awful feeling of being right - and not wanting to be right. This is exactly what the best available science has predicted for years," said Peter Wood, author of a recent report on link between clear-cut logging and community safety from the Sierra Club BC. "We know the outcome when you log steep slopes ... You reach sort of a tipping point, where the forest is no longer able to provide that moderating service of controlling flow of water." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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