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Thank you for giving generously to the Guardian and Observer charity appeal

This weekend is the last chance to donate to our 2021 appeal supporting those on the frontline of the climate emergencyGuardian and Observer charity appeal 2021: the fight for climate justiceDonate to our charity appeal hereIn this year's Guardian and Observer charity appeal we have supported communities and individuals hit hardest by the climate emergency, people who have seen their lives upended and livelihoods lost by extreme weather. It's a topical issue, and not going away - and there is still time to donate: so far we have raised over ?800,000.Our appeal is shaped by vivid stories of climate emergency: floods, drought and wildfires; from reindeer killed by unnatural arctic heat to chronic crop failure by the shores of Lake Victoria. At its heart, however, lies inequality and poverty: the stark truth is the countries least responsible for global emissions have by far suffered worst from climate-induced disasters. Continue reading...
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