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Germanys Recycling Rates Still Exemplary

Germanys Recycling Rates Still Exemplary
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"The willingness of German consumers to sort recyclables is still exemplary. In 1999, they collected a total of 5,710,628 tonnes of used sales packaging manufactured from glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, tinplate, aluminum and composites in Green Dot collection containers. This exceeded the high result of 5,622,525 tonnes which was achieved in the previous year. Including impurities, 6,382,454 tonnes (1998: 6,215,416 tonnes) were collected by way of the Dual System. This corresponds to a per capita collection of 77.7 kilograms (1998: 75.8 kilograms). The recycled quantity also remained at a high level. The volume forwarded for recycling can be broken down as follows: glass - 2.71 million tonnes (1998: 2.70 million tonnes), paper/cardboard - 1.48 million tonnes (1998: 1.42 million tonnes), plastics - 610 thousand tonnes (1998: 600 thousand tonnes), tinplate - 322 thousand tonnes (1998: 375 thousand tonnes), aluminum - 37 thousand tonnes (1998: 43 thousand tonnes); composites - 391 thousand tonnes (1998: 345 thousand tonnes). The Dual System has fulfilled the higher targets set by the Packaging Ordinance Amendment. As from Jan. 1, 1999, the Packaging Ordinance Amendment raised the recycling and recovery quotas for glass to 75%, for paper and cardboard to 70%, and for plastics, aluminum and composites to 60%. The target for tinplate remained constant at 70%. The recycling and recovery quotas are calculated on the basis of the quantity of packaging licensed with the Dual System. The increase in the recycled quantity recorded for composites and, correspondingly, the decrease recorded for the materials tinplate and aluminum is the result of an updated study that determines the seasonal fluctuations of the composite fraction more accurately. The results of this study affected the Mass Flow Verification in that a higher proportion of the quantity of packaging recycled had to be allocated to composites. In contrast, the total quantity of composites, tinplate and aluminum was practically unchanged as compared to the previous year. In the past year, the Dual System succeeded in winning around 2,000 new licensees, bringing the total number to more than 18,500 licensees. As a result, the quantity of licensed packaging rose substantially. Since this quantity is used as the basis for calculating the recycling and recovery quotas, the recycling quotas achieved by the Dual System were lower than in the previous year even though the recycled quantities were more or less constant. Strict surveillance In accordance with the Packaging Ordinance, the Dual System is obliged to prepare a Mass Flow Verification each year. This document lists the quantities collected in the specific Federal States as well as the nationwide recycling and recovery quotas for sales packaging per material fraction. The Mass Flow Verification is based on two data sources: Firstly, the monthly records prepared by the waste management companies. These document the collected quantities of glass, paper, and cardboard as well as the quantities of lightweight packaging placed by consumers in yellow bags, bins, and containers. Secondly, the figures presented in the Mass Flow Verification are based on certificates issued by the guarantors in respect of the subsequent recycling of used sales packaging. The data are reviewed continuously, as well as being subjected to plausibility checks. This also applies to all quantities of sorted recyclables, stock on hand and sorting residue. In 1999, independent experts inspected around 100 sorting plants and 50 recycling plants. Background Duales System Deutschland AG is a privately operated public limited company that is not traded on the stock exchange. It is organized as a non-profit company on account of the purpose for which it was set up: The Dual System fulfils the obligations prescribed by the German Packaging Ordinance of 1991 and the Amendment of 1998 on behalf of industry and trade. As an umbrella organization for the recycling of sales packaging, the company neither owns nor runs any sorting or recycling plants itself. On the contrary, it organizes the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging in line with the specifications of the Packaging Ordinance with the support of 537 waste management partners in the Federal Republic of Germany. The objective of the company is to prevent and recycle sales packaging. Source: Duales System Deutschland Edited by Kate Goff Solid Waste.com Newsletter
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