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Mark Field grabs a climate protester by the neck and the far right cheer him on | Owen Jones

This incident is a chilling reminder of the misogyny, contempt for dissent and class privilege that blights our societyWhat is more shocking? That at the chancellor of the exchequer's Mansion House speech, in the heart of Britain's establishment, Mark Field, a middle-aged male Tory minister, slammed a young, female Greenpeace protestr against a pillar, then forcefully propelled her out clutching her neck? That no one at this gilded dinner, full of other middle-aged, besuited, bow-tie-wearing members of the British elite, did anything? That some even reportedly applauded when he returned? That multiple rightwing commentators have not only defended this minister, but called for him to be awarded a medal? That social media abounds with predominantly men cheering the minister on, offering a disturbing and all too revealing insight into what male behaviour towards women they judge to be acceptable?The term 'gaslighting' is often abused in political debate, but here surely is a prima facie case Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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