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Extinction Rebellion protesters aren't anarchists - we just want to save our world | Robert Rivett

I was thinking of my grandchildren while I waited to be arrested on Waterloo Bridgeo Robert Rivett is a retired GP and Extinction Rebellion memberI am a retired doctor, a husband, a father and grandfather - I am also one of more than 1,000 Extinction Rebellion protesters who have been arrested by police. During the April demonstrations in London, I sat on Waterloo Bridge with many others and refused to move in full acceptance that this nonviolent action would lead to my arrest.For many years I have been aware of the growing threat to life on Earth due to our overconsumption of the planet's finite resources, our pollution of land, air and sea, our disregard for other forms of life and, in particular, our reckless burning of fossil fuels. It's now clear that global heating and biodiversity loss are proceeding even faster than predicted just a few years ago and we are reaching a tipping point beyond which it will soon be too late to avoid the extinction of life as we know it. Like most of my generation living in the wealthy parts of the world, I must accept the guilt and responsibility of my own contribution to this situation. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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