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Current approach to wildfires risks lives and wastes money, say experts

Researchers call for new firefighting techniques that focus on managing landscapes, as global heating sees increase in blazes'It still gives me nightmares': the firefighters on the frontline as the world burnsRead more in the Harmed by heat seriesA new approach is urgently needed to tackle global wildfires as current methods are no longer working, draining the public purse and placing lives at risk, according to experts.This summer saw some of the worst wildfires in history and underscored the destructive impacts of global heating. As Cop26 approaches and is expected to shine a light on the importance of protecting ecosystems and building defences to avoid loss of homes and lives, experts say a lack of foresight and funding worldwide means harmful wildfires will continue to rage, putting communities and firefighters in danger. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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