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Democrats race to finalize Biden spending package ahead of Cop26 climate summit - live

Democrats unveil new billionaires' tax plan to help pay for Biden agendaBiden's Saudi deal contradicts policy on 'offensive' weapons, critics sayManchin pushes for climate cuts as West Virginia battered by crisisBiden condemns 'acolyte of Trump' in crucial Virginia governor's raceSign up to receive First Thing - our daily briefing by emailKyle Vass reports from West Virginia:The rise of Joe Manchin as a key power player for Democratic policymaking in 2021 is the result of a perfect storm for the US senator from West Virginia. The senator's doubts reveal an uncomfortable truth for the White House and congressional leaders as they race to finish -- and pay for -- their nearly $2 trillion social spending and climate package: A tax solution designed to satisfy Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) isn't necessarily acceptable to Manchin.The billionaire tax gained currency over the weekend because Sinema, a fellow moderate and key negotiator, signaled her opposition to corporate, personal and capital gains tax hikes. Manchin's potential opposition to the billionaire-tax proposal would blow a $200 billion to $250 billion hole in the Democrats' plans for new revenues. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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