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Cop26: have we just saved our forests? - podcast

The Science Weekly podcast is in Glasgow where we will be bringing listeners daily episodes from Cop26. Each morning you will hear from one of the Guardian's award-winning environment team. Today, host Madeleine Finlay, talks to Jon Watts about a significant announcement made by global leaders on forest and land use, and we hear from an indigenous leader in Guyana about why it might not be enough.The third day of Cop26 was dominated by what some are saying is a very positive announcement on forests and land use - the so-called Glasgow Agreement. Host Madeleine Finlay talks to the Guardian's global environment editor, Jonathan Watts about what world leaders have pledged. She also speaks to indigenous leaders and rights activists from Guyana and Indonesia about their thoughts on the new deal.Plus, senior Guardian reporter for the US, Nina Lakhani reports from a memorial acknowledging the lives of those who have died trying to save their communities and the forests which they live in and that we all so crucially depend on. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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