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At Cop26, I've found I have more in common with protesters than politicians | The civil servant

Like the activists I believe in action, not words. Global leaders mouth good intentions, but they are woefully insufficientSay what you like about how dismally difficult it is to get a ticket, but "global Britain" still knows how to put on a show. Cop26 has now finished its first act - the world leaders' summit - starring more than 120 heads of state, thousands of their aides and hangers-on, and the city of Glasgow.I'm one of the hundreds from the British civil service working with the UN to stage-manage by far the most ambitious summit in either's history. There was no shortage of volunteers - thousands of us applied, and for all the reasons you'd expect: idealism, ambition and simply to be present at a critical moment in modern world history.The civil servant is a serving member of the UK civil service Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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