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Will Brazil seize the climate opportunities in the carbon-storing Amazon? | Luís Fernando Guedes Pinto

Fighting climate change is a huge opportunity for Brazil to catalyze the country's sustainable economic development while also protecting the planetScience is clear: climate change is unequivocal, and a result of human activity. The planet is already 1.1C warmer than pre-industrial levels and on a route to reach 2.5C or more this century, which could be catastrophic. The poorest and the most vulnerable populations will suffer more and earlier.Climate change will bring droughts, floods, extreme temperatures and hurricanes that may become more intense and frequent overtime and impact billions of people. The rise of sea levels, lack of water and food, and regions becoming unfeasible to live may generate massive migrations in a planet already closing frontiers.Luís Fernando Guedes Pinto is the knowledge director of SOS Mata Atlântica Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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