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Boris Johnson drags Tories ever deeper into sleaze bath | John Crace

PM attempts to rewrite history to suit himself, on grandest of scalesIf only it were that simple. In BorisWorld, all Boris Johnson has to do is turn up to sprinkle the stardust of mindless optimism and things fall into place. It worked for Brexit and it worked for his 2019 general election campaign. Bertie Booster ruled OK. But climate change is a rather tougher nut to crack. Other countries aren't quite so susceptible to his charms and the Cop26 summit in Glasgow is in danger of ending in disappointment.Quite what Johnson expected to achieve by turning up to Cop26 for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon was anyone's guess. Still, at least he travelled by train this time. Maybe he just couldn't accept his powerlessness and that his presence was a total waste of time. That talk of banging negotiators' heads together really wouldn't cut it after all. Whatever it was, there was none of the Bertie Booster tub-thumping about the 25-minute press conference he gave shortly before he scuttled back to London. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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