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Watered-down hope: the sobering legacy of Cop26 | Letters

Frustration at the outcome in Glasgow is voiced by Dennis Fitzgerald, while Andrew Colley says delegates should be forgiven for not reaching a more radical final deal. Plus letters from Stephen Milton, John Stone and Catherine RoomeThe roar of promise from the Cop26 climate summit has closed to a whimper because of political pressures from heavily polluting countries (It could have been worse, but our leaders failed us at Cop26. That's the truth of it, 13 November). The watering down of a phrase from agreeing to "phase-out" coal use to "phase down" will have damaging consequences.For a number of countries, especially islands like Tuvalu, the watering-down of climate change controls will lead to a rise in water levels and eventually the flooding of these islands. It's time to listen to young people, especially Greta Thunberg, as older adults no longer have anything useful to say. Dennis Fitzgerald Melbourne, Australia Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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