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Can the tourism industry survive the climate crisis?

From the Solomon Islands to Denali national park, how five communities reliant on tourism are coping as climate change upends their industryOne of the terrible ironies of the climate crisis is that some of the most beautiful - and popular - places in the world are also the most vulnerable. Which means as temperatures rise, extreme weather events increase, water sources dry up and natural habitats die, these places are facing another devastating loss: tourists.Tourism significantly contributes to the climate crisis - about 8% of global emissions - and hordes of visitors cause many more problems, including overdevelopment and degradation of natural areas. However, the revenue generated by tourists can bring enormous economic benefits to these destinations, many of which don't have other forms of industry or would otherwise rely on extractive industries like mining or logging. Tourism can also bring awareness to environmental problems, such as coral reef bleaching or animal species at risk of extinction, and provide funding for conservation efforts. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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