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Could Britain feed itself? We ask the expert

Rosalind Sharpe, food policy academic and sustainable food advocate, on whether Britain could ever be self-sufficientThe supply chain crisis has already forced supermarkets to use cardboard cutouts to hide gaps on shelves. Now even more Britons are turning to growing their own food. Indeed, according to one small survey, three-quarters of city-based under-25s are growing herbs, fruit and vegetables in gardens, balconies and on windowsills. But could we ever be self-sufficient? And should we want to be? I asked Rosalind Sharpe, food policy academic and sustainable food advocate.When was the last time Britain fed itself?Probably the early 19th century. Though it raises the question: where's the boundary? The British Isles? Europe? Scotland wouldn't do well alone, because most of the UK's arable land is in the south. Europe is self-sufficient, broadly speaking. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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