Post your questions for George Monbiot

7. května 2022 8:15


What will you ask the author, Guardian columnist and environmental campaigner?o Read an exclusive extract from his new book Regenesis hereGuardian columnist George Monbiot has long warned that farming is the biggest cause of environmental destruction. It poisons rivers, devastates forests and drives wildlife to extinction. Hunger is already a reality for millions around the world - and now the complex global systems that bring staple foods thousands of miles to our plates are beginning to flicker and fail.In his urgent new book Regenesis, Monbiot goes in search of solutions.He starts with the soil - "an ecosystem so astonishing it tests the limits of our imagination". Under just 1 sq metre of undisturbed land teem hundreds of thousands of minuscule creatures, working unconsciously alongside fungi and bacteria to maintain the health of the planet. Could the secrets to humanity's future lie under our feet?To farm in harmony with this incredible subterranean world, Monbiot argues that we need a revolution in food production. He meets a pioneering vegetable grower in south Oxfordshire who nurtured the most unpromising patch of land imaginable to produce an astonishing bounty - without pesticides, herbicides, animal manure or any other kind of fertiliser. He hears from the scientists working to "grow" foods rich in protein and fats in the lab, without the environmental damage of livestock farming. And he learns how conventional crops that strip fertility from the soil could be replaced with perennial plants that produce year after year.Following the exclusive extract published in the Guardian this week, we would like to hear your questions for George Monbiot. How far removed is the reality of food production from the pastoral myths of Old MacDonald's Farm? What's the worst thing he has seen in Britain's polluted rivers? Are government farming subsidies a help or a hindrance? How can we take control of the global food system, dominated by corporate lobbyists and special interest groups? What is the future of farm-free food? Has he tasted - and enjoyed - lab-grown meat?Post your questions in the comments below; these will close at midnight (UK time) on Monday 9 May. His responses will be published next week.George Monbiot will discuss Regenesis at a Guardian Live event in London on Monday 30 May. Book tickets to join the event in person, or via the livestream here Continue reading...


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