Congress is about to pass a historic climate bill. So why are oil companies pleased? | Kate Aronoff

9. srpna 2022 10:45


The bill is a devil?s bargain between the Democrats, the fossil fuel industry, and recalcitrant senator Joe Manchin. Yet it?s better than nothing"We?re pleased,? ExxonMobil?s CEO, Darren Woods, said on an earnings call last month, speaking about the Inflation Reduction Act. He called the bill, now making its way through the US Congress, "clear and consistent?. After it passed the Senate Sunday evening, Shell USA said it was "a step toward increased energy security and #netzero?. The world is currently on track to produce double the amount of coal, oil and gas in 2030 than is consistent with capping warming at 1.5C. To state the obvious: climate policy should strike fear into the hearts of fossil fuel executives, not delight them. So what have some of the world?s worst polluters found to like about a historic piece of climate legislation?Guilt by association only goes so far: that the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed is undoubtedly good news. It will do a lot of good things. Democrats face the distinct possibility of being locked out of power for at least a decade after midterm elections this November, when they?re expected to lose the House of Representatives. Republicans won?t be keen to recognize that another party?s candidate could win the presidency, let alone reduce emissions. That something being called climate policy passed at all is thanks to the tireless work the climate movement has done to put it on the agenda, and the diligent staffers who spent late nights translating that momentum into legislation.Kate Aronoff is a staff writer at the New Republic and the author of Overheated: How Capitalism Broke the Planet - And How We Fight Back Continue reading...


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