Animals Farmed: Walmart delay cage-free eggs, live export ban and farmers protest climate tax

8. listopadu 2022 12:00


Welcome to our monthly roundup of the biggest issues in farming and food production, with must-read reports from around the web'Fishless fish' could be the next big thing in seafood production. While plant-based seafood products in the US account for only 0.1% of seafood sales - less than the 1.4% of the US meat market is occupied by plant-based meat alternatives - venture capitalists are reportedly showing an interest in cell-based seafood.I was very disturbed on reading your article on African swine flu. Not because of the disease itself but because of the lack of mention of the horrific treatment and appalling conditions the pigs are kept in, which is also likely to be the reason the disease is so prevalent in the first place!One image showed pigs about to be buried alive and the other, hundreds of pigs covered in muck, some appearing injured, crammed into a tiny, filthy space at a sausage factory. Is this really how we want to treat other creatures on this Earth?Outdoor bred is very misguiding for the consumer as they think it has lived free range all of its life. With respect to pork and bacon, it simply means until they are weaned, and then they are finished indoors on straw or concrete slats. Pigs are intelligent and deserve more kindness in rearing - like all animals.Please do send us your stories and thoughts to us at: Continue reading...


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