Country diary: Ringside at the cow auction | Andrea Meanwell

1. dubna 2023 11:00


Tebay, Cumbria: In an effort to become more self-sustainable, and to help the landscape of the farm, we are starting a new suckler herdAfter analysing our farm economics in 2020, we sold our Aberdeen Angus suckler herd as they were losing money. With the basic payment scheme falling at that point, we had to take a long hard look at the farm and become more efficient financially. Unfortunately, with the loss of the suckler herd also went the ability to use cows in the landscape as "ecosystem engineers" year-round. We had calves coming and going during the year, but no regular workforce of hardy cattle.We had also lost the ability to provide our own beef for our family, so this year I decided to buy some young belted Galloway cattle with a view to building up a small herd. The idea was to become more self-sustainable, provide for our family and sell the excess meat to our neighbours. Besides, my husband had also promised me three hairy cows (hardy native breeds that can survive our climate) as a much-delayed Christmas present, which was cunning of him since he knew I was going to buy them anyway at the Galloway show and sale in Carlisle in March. Continue reading...


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