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Greenpeace takes toxic waste to Roche chairmans home

Greenpeace takes toxic waste to Roche chairmans home
ZURICH - Greenpeace activists delivered a barrel of toxic waste to the home of Roche Chairman Fritz Gerber yesterday to press home demands that Swiss companies clean up a chemical landfill in western Switzerland. The environmentalists blocked off the entryway to Gerbers home in the exclusive Basel suburb of Arlesheim and insisted on handing him the barrel of waste from a landfill in the town of Bonfol near the French border, police said. "He had already left the house. The barrel and an attached message were received by a representative of Roche," police said. The 12 activists then broke off their demonstration without incident. Greenpeace campaigners blockaded the Bonfol dump in May and demanded Basel-based companies clean up the disused site where they deposited 114,000 tonnes of chemical waste until 1976. The companies have agreed in principle, but are studying the best way to do so. Greenpeace has since been delivering barrels of waste to the companies and the homes of their executives. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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