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Poskytnutí poradenských služeb týkajících se dohledu nad výstavbou systémů kanalizačních sítí a čističek odpadních vod

1. dubna 2009
Poskytnutí poradenských služeb týkajících se dohledu nad výstavbou systémů kanalizačních sítí a čističek odpadních vod
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S 61 
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S000000 Blíže neurčeno - Služby

Anotace tendru:

Popis zakázky:
Smyslem zakázky v této položce je vést výstavbu 3 systémů pro odpadní vodu v jižním Libanonu. Součástí těchto stavebních prácí je výstavba 3 čističek odpadních vod (nádrže pro srážení odpadů) a sběrných a rozvodových kanalizačních sítí zahrnující vesnice Yohmor, Zaoutar a Kfar Sir (dílčí systém č. 1). Konečná lhůta pro přijetí přihlášek: 27.4.2009 (17:00), místní čas v Bejrútu. Veškerá písemná komunikace, která se vztahuje k tomuto výběrovému řízení a zakázce, musí být v angličtině.

Popis tendru (Angličtina):

LB-Beirut: ENPI — provision of consulting services for the supervision of the construction of sewage network systems and wastewater treatment plants in southern Lebanon

Location — Bent Jbeil and Nabatiyeh districts in southern Lebanon
Service procurement notice

Publication reference:

International restricted tender procedure.



Contribution agreement MED/2007/144-734 between the European Community, represented by the European Commission and the International Management Group (IMG).

Contracting authority:
The International Management Group (IMG).
Contract specification

Nature of contract:
Global price.

Contract description:
The purpose of the contract for this lot is to supervise the construction of 3 wastewater schemes in southern Lebanon. The works include the construction of 3 wastewater treatment plants (waste stabilisation ponds) and sewage collection and transfer network systems covering the villages of Yohmor, Zaoutar, and Kfar Sir (sub system 1).

Numbers and titles of lots:

1 lot.

Maximum budget:

EUR 280 000.

Scope for additional services:

The contracting authority may, at its own discretion, extend the project in duration and/or scope subject to the availability of funding, up to a maximum not exceeding the length and value of the initial contract. Any extension of the contract would be subject to satisfactory performance by the consultant.

Conditions of participation


Participation is open to all legal persons (participating either individually or in a grouping (consortium) of candidates) which are established in a Member State of the European Union or in Lebanon and any other country or territory of the regions covered and/or authorised by the specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed (see also item 30 below). Participation is also open to international organisations. The participation of natural persons is governed by the specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed.


All eligible natural and legal persons (as per item 11 above) or groupings of such persons (consortia) may apply.
A consortium may be a permanent, legally-established grouping or a grouping which has been constituted informally for a specific tender procedure. All members of a consortium (i.e. the leader and all other members) are jointly and severally liable to the contracting authority.
The participation of an ineligible natural or legal person (as per item 11) will result in the automatic exclusion of that person. In particular, if that ineligible person belongs to a consortium, the whole consortium will be excluded.

Number of applications:

No more than 1 application can be submitted by a natural or legal person whatever the form of participation (as an individual legal entity or as leader or member of a consortium submitting an application). In the event that a natural or legal person submits more than 1 application, all applications in which that person has participated may be excluded.

Shortlist alliances prohibited:

Any tenders received from tenderers comprising firms other than those mentioned in the shortlisted application forms will be excluded from this restricted tender procedure. Shortlisted candidates may not form alliances or subcontract to each other for the contract in question.

Grounds for exclusion:

As part of the application form, candidates must submit a signed declaration, included in the standard application form, to the effect that they are not in any of the exclusion situations listed in Section 2.3.3 of the `Practical Guide to contract procedures for EC external actions`.


No subcontracting is allowed.

Number of candidates to be shortlisted:

On the basis of the applications received, 4–8 candidates will be invited to submit detailed tenders for this contract. If the number of eligible candidates meeting the selection criteria is less than the minimum number of 4, the contracting authority may invite the candidates who satisfy the criteria to submit a tender.

Provisional timetable

Provisional date of invitation to tender:


Provisional commencement date of the contract:


Initial period of performance and possible extension of the contract:

24 months (12 months construction).

Selection and award criteria

Selection criteria:

The following selection criteria will be applied to candidates. In the case of applications submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will be applied to the consortium as a whole:
1) Economic and financial capacity of candidate (based on item 3 of the application form):
Candidates must be able to demonstrate an annual average revenue of EUR 1 000 000 for the period (the mathematical average of the amounts over the last 7 years (2002 to 2008)). In the case of a consortium the average annual revenue of the leader must exceed EUR 500 000 and the combined average revenue of the consortium members must exceed EUR 1 000 000.
The averages of cash and cash equivalents at the beginning and end of the year are positive.
2) Professional capacity of candidate (based on items 4 and 5 of the application form):
The candidate (firm or consortium) has not had less than 20 persons available or hired as permanent staff since 2002 and has at least 15 professionals with relevant experience in the fields related to this contract, i.e. supervision of construction of wastewater treatment and sewerage networks.
3) Technical capacity of candidate (based on items 5 and 6 of the application form):
Lot 1: Wastewater:
The candidate (firm or consortium) has successfully completed in the last 7 years or is currently working on at least 3 projects of a similar nature and size. These projects were prepared in line with the `Practical Guide to contract procedures for EC external actions (PRAG)` and/or in line with the FIDIC conditions of contract.
Similar nature is defined as services for the supervision of the construction of wastewater treatment plants and sewerage networks. Specific experience in waste stabilisation ponds and sewerage collection systems will be an asset.
Similar size is defined as projects with a budget equal or exceeding EUR 200 000.
If more than 8 eligible candidates meet the above selection criteria, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the applications of these candidates will be re-examined to identify the 8 best applications for the tender procedure. The only factors which will be taken into consideration during this re-examination are:
1) Documented performance in previous EC contracts of similar nature and size for the last 7 years including indication of the successful subsequent implementation of the prepared project.
2) Relevant experience in the supervision of construction of wastewater treatment plants and sewerage networks.

Award criteria:

Best value for money.


Deadline for receipt of applications:

27.4.2009 (17:00), Beirut local time.
Any application received after this deadline will not be considered.

Application format and details to be provided:

Applications must be submitted using the standard application form (available from the following Internet address: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/work/procedures/index_en.htm), whose format and instructions must be strictly observed.

Any additional documentation (brochure, letter, etc.) sent with an application will not be taken into consideration.

How applications may be submitted:

Applications must be submitted in English exclusively to the contracting authority:
— either by recorded delivery (official postal service) to:

Mr Gianluca Olivieri, International Management Group-Office Lebanon, Building 485, Harbor Tower, Charles Helou Avenue, Saifi, Beirut, LEBANON,

— or hand delivered (including courier services) directly to the contracting authority in return for a signed and dated receipt to: Mr Gianluca Olivieri, International Management Group-Office Lebanon, Building 485, Harbor Tower, Charles Helou avenue, Saifi, Beirut, LEBANON. Tel. +961 1446811. Fax +961 446773.
The contract title and the publication reference (see item 1 above) must be clearly marked on the envelope containing the application and must always be mentioned in all subsequent correspondence with the contracting authority.
Applications submitted by any other means will not be considered.

Alteration or withdrawal of applications:

Candidates may alter or withdraw their applications by written notification prior to the deadline for submission of tenders. No application may be altered after this deadline.
Any such notification of alteration or withdrawal shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with item 25. The outer envelope (and the relevant inner envelope) must be marked `Alteration` or `Withdrawal` as appropriate.

Operational language:

All written communications for this tender procedure and contract must be in English.

Additional information:

Not applicable.

Date of publication of contract forecast:


Legal basis:

European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (Regulation (EC) No 1638/2006 of the EP and of the Council — OJ L 310/1 of 9.11.2006)



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