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David Attenborough doesn't deserve this criticism | Letters

Stan Labovitch and Paddy Clark defend the presenter and his BBC TV programmes about the natural world after George Monbiot and Guardian readers accused them of downplaying the environmental crisisI am saddened by the overwhelmingly one-sided criticism of David Attenborough's alleged failure to address environmental issues in his nature programmes (Letters, 12 November). Like many teachers I have used Attenborough's wonderful productions to enthuse my pupils with a love of science and a deep appreciation of our living planet. No living person has educated more children and adults than he. And with education comes the knowledge and understanding necessary to debate the survival of life on Earth calmly and rationally.One of Attenborough's great strengths is his refusal to be evangelical or politically correct (there are enough of those about). He talks the language of Darwin and evolution but doesn't preach atheism or secularism. He has shown us virtually every ecosystem on the planet but, having armed us with the knowledge, leaves it up to us, and especially the environmentalists, what to do with it. Stan LabovitchWindsor Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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